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May 12, 2017 How to Sell More Raffle Tickets Than Ever Before at Your Next Charity Auction

How to sell more raffle tickets at your charity auction

Statistics indicate that about 50% of the guests who attend your nonprofit’s fundraising event have the ability to spend up to $350.00 without worrying about paying their utility bills or mortgage. Incorporating raffles and extra revenue generating activities at your next charity auction is a great way to tap into that money and raise additional funds.  Most of your guests WANT to spend money supporting your cause, and planned to do so when they arrived. So, you may ask, why don’t more people participate in these activities? The problem may not be with your guests but rather with the volunteers selling the raffles.

Choosing the right volunteers for this task is critical. I recommend you have two teams of two selling these chances.  One volunteer should be an outgoing “salesperson”-type personality.  This person isn’t afraid to approach people and will know most everyone at the event.  The second volunteer has a more clerical-minded brain and records the transaction.  This tag-team approach will speed up the sales process and keep the team moving from guest to guest.

Incentivizing the teams is a great way to make it fun for them and as an added bonus the competition will increase sales. The prize doesn’t have to be a big one. It can be a couple of gift cards from a local restaurant that you pull from your donated items.

We started working with a charity a few years ago and suggested they offer a prize to the team who sold the most raffle tickets.  As a result, this nonprofit sold more tickets than they had ever sold before. They continue this practice and often break their previous years’ record.

Your guests came ready to participate in your games and raffles. Your volunteers love an incentive to get them to do just that.  Don’t miss this opportunity to raise additional funds.

If you want to learn more about how best to facilitate extra revenue generators at your next fundraising event, contact us today.

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