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July 14, 2017 I Was in the Right Place, But It Musta Been the Wrong Time

This may sound like a subject that’s too simple to even cover in a blog, but it’s something that I encountered recently which could have been disastrous if fate hadn’t intervened.

Over the course of the last few months, as is usual, we had communicated with a nonprofit client on several occasions about their upcoming auction. On our consulting calls with this group we discussed many different topics – we talked about live auction items, the Fund-A-Need, event day arrival times and all of the other details that go into auction planning. Everything was moving along as scheduled.  As is custom in our office, we shared a post about their event on our Facebook page, inviting everyone to “join us tomorrow night” at the event. I received an email shortly after the Facebook post from the client thanking us for the social media exposure but asking us to correct the post because the event was in fact in TWO days, not the next night.

Whew! Fortunately, I was able to re-arrange my plans so that I was available to work the auction and everything worked out fine.

We had received this group’s event date months in advance. Turns out they made a date change somewhere along the line and failed to notify us about the change. We are thanking our lucky stars for that Facebook post that turned up the blunder before it was too late to adjust.

The moral of the story is to ALWAYS be sure to communicate any major changes in your event with your professional fundraising auctioneer (and any other vendors it may matters to). This includes date/time swaps, venue changes and any updates to the dress codes for the event. Any of those changes that don’t get communicated to the proper folks can have disastrous consequences. After all, you don’t want your auctioneer or emcee showing up in their cowboy hats and boots to find out you’ve upped the attire to black tie and evening gowns.

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