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August 4, 2017 And The Winner IS…

Many of our clients ask about the best time to conduct the drawings for raffles and games during their fundraising events. Generally, the sales of these activities are done during the cocktail/silent auction time, which is usually 1 ½ hours before the event’s program begins.

A challenge that most nonprofits have is keeping guests at an event until the fundraising is completed.  To help accomplish this goal, I prefer to end the evening with the drawings.  You might even consider facilitating a drawing for ALL guests who received a bid number at check-in. But remember, the key is requiring the winning bidder be present in order to win. And you’ll want to be sure the prize is an item that is desirable to anyone.

What I do NOT like is having various drawings scattered throughout the live auction. When this happens, it breaks the momentum of the auction and hence negatively affects the fundraising. By momentum, I’m referring to the energy that a professional fundraising auctioneer achieves and builds on with guests’ bidding and engagement.  When the auction stops for a drawing, it often kills this energy. Rebuilding momentum is not always achievable.

Talk with your professional fundraising auctioneer and ask where they suggest your drawings be placed at your event.

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