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September 22, 2017 Don’t Forget the Fundraising in Your Marketing!

While I was attending a benefit auction conference last month, I spent a while talking with a vendor who offers an alternative to mobile bidding. She told me she was coming to a town near me to facilitate this process at a nonprofit event and that I should come check out their system and services. As it turns out, I’m free that night so I thought, why not?  So, I purchased two tickets and I am excited about attending.

This nonprofit group is conducting both a live and silent auction during the evening, which will include a plated dinner with wine parings.  SWEET!  I get to enjoy an event as a spectator for a change!

Since purchasing the tickets I’ve been receiving emails from the nonprofit about the event. They’ve done a really nice job in their marketing and in communicating with their guests on a high level. But there is one thing that is missing in all of this great marketing – they have never communicated what they have on tap for their live auction items. I might be interested in bidding and buying but because my husband won’t be with me to bounce things off of, and because I don’t have any information to talk over with him prior to the event, I may not be in a position to bid very much.

I recommend that early on nonprofits send out teasers of their live auction items, as they come in. Then once you get these packages finalized, send out the details to your guests.  It is imperative to do this if you want to create the best bidding environment. Be sure to include your higher-valued silent auction items in those communications, too.

You may not be sending emails to your guests like the nonprofit that I mentioned above is doing, but there are other ways to communicate this information to your attendees.  Create a Facebook page and promote your event and auction items there – and be sure to include photos. Then in your various marketing you can simply direct every one there for additional information.

As Nike says, “Just do it”!  Use Facebook and/or email blasts to get the word out and the buzz going about your event.  An informed and prepared bidder transforms into a great buyer and supporter event night!

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