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November 24, 2017 Post-Thanksgiving Post

As you read this, more than likely you still have a tummy stuffed from yesterday’s Thanksgiving food bounty. Wasn’t that fun?

The Friday after Thanksgiving is a favorite day for a lot of people, me included. One of my favorite things to do post-Thanksgiving is to enjoy leftovers of fried turkey on a roll with our four-generation recipe of King Salad on top.

Not only is Friday a wonderful day for leftovers, it is also known as “Black Friday” to those who enjoy shopping. Many deals can be had IF you dare to venture out into the throngs of people. Like a lot of folks, crowds of people are not my thing.  I prefer online shopping once the holidays are upon us.

My day-after-Thanksgiving tradition is to pull out all of our Christmas decorations and decorate the tree.

The holidays will be a bittersweet time for our family because of the loss of my brother earlier this year.  Be thankful for your family and make to most of your time with them. They are, after all, our greatest blessing.

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