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January 26, 2018 Hang In There – Change Takes Time Sometimes

Happy Friday everyone!

I had a situation this week which is the inspiration for today’s blog.  Well, actually most of my blogs are inspired by events that take place during auctions or while consulting with clients. But today’s topic is especially inspiring.

As a volunteer or staff member of a nonprofit, you may sometimes feel as if you are beating your head against a wall when it comes to getting changes made that can raise the bar for your fundraising event.  You see things that need to change but others among your group are resistant to making any of those changes from your “normal” event.  I’m not talking about making change for change sake, but rather about making changes that can improve the event and help your nonprofit raise more funds.

Take heart, my friends, because one thing for is certain – change is inevitable.

I am working with a nonprofit who has always conducted their Special Appeal/Fund-A-Need a particular way. This group uses a passive ask with donation cards on the table.  I’ve worked with this group for several years and the committee has always pushed back when I suggested they make a change to a public ask.

I received a message this week that the committee has agreed to allow us to conduct a true Special Appeal/Fund-A-Need with a public ask.  We all know a public ask will always raise more money than a passive one. Let me tell you, I cannot wait to rock the house at their upcoming event. It took a couple of years but with patience and persistence we’ve convinced this group to do things differently. The payoff will be huge.

So, my friends, if you are not getting results with your suggestions for changes at your fundraising event, don’t give up trying. Tomorrow is a new day and a fresh opportunity to bring your suggestions up again. Stay the course!

Be sure to checkout my earlier blog called “A Special Appeal – What is it and do we want it?” to learn more about the Special Appeal/Fund-A-Need and how it can raise a lot of money for your nonprofit’s mission.

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