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March 2, 2018 Step and Repeat at your Charity Auction Event

Christie enjoying a Step and Repeat

More and more of our clients are incorporating a Step and Repeat at their benefit auction events. This activity involves a staging area where guests can take pictures, often with various props.

During the cocktail/silent auction time, guests enjoy the opportunity to take part in activities in addition to bidding on the silent auction items. You can incorporate games (revenue-producing of course) and other activities to keep the guests entertained until the program and fundraising actually starts.

A Step and Repeat can be elaborate, with a professional photographer at the station taking pictures of guests. Sometimes these incorporate a mascot that guests are photographed with. Or you can keep it simple and just have a staging area for guests to take their own “selfies” and such.

Don’t forget the sponsorship opportunity here! The Step and Repeat setup can include a banner that is produced by your nonprofit with a sponsor’s name incorporated on it and includes the event name along with your nonprofit’s branding. This is a great way to gain exposure for a sponsor, for your nonprofit, and to help underwrite the event. Think of all the guests who will be sharing their photos of the event – it’s a win/win for everyone!

Include a Step and Repeat or other activities for to engage your guests at your next fundraising event. They’ll have fun and you’ll raise awareness and even more funds!

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