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March 9, 2018 Is Your Fundraising Live Auction a Bit Drab? Here’s an Idea!

Charity live auction item ideas

As we arrive at full fundraising mode this spring, I am reminded how creative some of our clients can be when it comes to their live auction item presentations.

When auctioning the live items, the presentation of each one doesn’t have to be limited to simply describing and selling the item.

This can be SO much more.

I recently conducted a live auction where the client incorporated music prior to each item being described and sold. They played a 10-second snippet related to the upcoming item’s theme. After those 10 seconds, the music began to fade, and the description was read by the cohost. Your auction event doesn’t have to be a huge production to incorporate this tweak into the live auction portion of the evening. Anybody can facilitate this addition.

I’ve also seen videos played prior to selling items. And on occasion a client has played music after a live auction item was sold.

Be aware, though, that you might want to avoid using a lot of bright and flashing lights in these presentations because of the possibility of guests in attendance who may have medical issues that are aggravated by these type lights.

Make more money at your next charity auction event when you capture guests’ attention and keep them engaged during the live auction by incorporating music or video with the sale of each item.

Make every minute a revenue generating minute!

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