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April 20, 2018 Tips on Identifying Sections in the Silent Auction

Silent auction section tips

Silent auctions are a great way to tap into the wallets of 50% of the attendees at your fundraising event.  Within our benefit auction industry, we’ve identified that around 50% of your guests can afford to spend up to $350 or so without worrying about paying their power bill or mortgage.  Silent auctions are a great way to tap into these guests’ pockets.

To build energy and excitement into your event, we recommend closing the silent auction in sections at different times, especially if you have more than 60 items/packages.  Identifying these sections is critical when using this plan.

Here are some ways to do it.

One way to identify silent auction sections is to use balloons.  Placing balloons at each corner of a section is a high-visibility way to make sure your guests can easily see where each section’s boundaries are located.

Another great way to identify sections in your silent auction is to use stickers.  One client recently placed a 2-inch round colored sticker in the same color of the section on the items/packages and the bid sheets. These stickers also included the silent auction package number.  This helped identify the proper item as well as the bid sheet associated with it in addition to indicating which silent auction section it belonged to.

This particular client had also placed colored sheets of paper a bit larger than the bid sheet, a “frame” if you will, under the bid sheet, giving the bid sheets a nice-looking colored border.

Some of our groups use backlighting in different colors on the walls behind their silent auction sections to help identify the sections.

Large signs with the section names/numbers placed on easels can also work to call attention to the different silent auction sections. Be cautious about the placement of the easels so that you don’t create a tripping hazard.

Breaking your silent auction into sections can allow guests to bid on and then protect their bids on multiple silent auction items. Having the ability to differentiate the sections makes closing them easier for the guests and your silent auction volunteers.

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