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May 4, 2018 Tips for Placement of Silent Auction Sections

Silent auction sections

We’ve talked before about how I recommend our clients’ close their silent auctions, but let’s do a quick review to refresh your memory before I dig into today’s real topic.

When manual bidding is used in a silent auction (at an event where there’s no mobile bidding component), I like to close the silent auction in sections.

Depending on the size of your crowd and the amount of items, there are typically 3 sections.  If you’ll remember from my past blogs, I highly recommend you have no more than one item for every four people in attendance. To learn more about this topic, check out this previous blog.

Now on to today’s blog topic – WHERE to place the silent auction sections.

Often at events I see the silent auction/cocktail time taking place in a room adjacent to the main ballroom where dinner will later be served and the program will be held. This is a great setup. So, what’s the best placement of the silent auction sections? I recommend you put the first section furthest away from the door to the ballroom, locate the second section in the middle, and place the third section closest to the door. This setup serves the purpose of moving the guests toward the ballroom door as each section is closed.

If you are holding a Super Silent or Almost Live section..”Wait!”, you say, “What is this?”. Let me explain…

Super Silent or Almost Live silent auction sections can contain high-end items that are among the more upscale of your silent auction items. These are items that would qualify for live auction item status if you’d had room and time in the live auction lineup for them.  These items warrant having special attention called to them, hence a Super Silent or Almost Live section.

Now back to the topic. As for placement of your Super Silent or Almost Live silent auction section, this is usually placed adjacent to or near the live auction items display. I’ve seen the Super Silent/Almost Live section successfully moved into the ballroom with the closing for that particular section taking place after the program or at a specified time (later than the regular silent auction).

Proper placement of your silent auction sections may not only help you raise more money but also has the added bonus of helping move your guests in the direction of the room that you want then to ultimately wind up in before the program begins.

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