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June 15, 2018 When You Don’t Want the Hottest Fundraising Event in Town

Keep your donors cool

What is one of the simplest things you can do to make sure your fundraising event is a great one? I’m not talking about selecting the best professional fundraising auctioneer or the best live auction items, although these are very important components to your event. No, I’ve got a nugget to share with you that is a very simple task…a task that nonprofits fail to remember on a regular basis and that can kill your event night even though you’ve planned and strategized for months and months to produce the perfect fundraising event…

So, what are you talking about, Christie? It’s this simple – don’t forget to adjust the room temperature hours in advance of the event. You may believe the venue is already taking care of this but do not take that as a given. I’ve seen a large number of times when no one is in control of the thermostat.

It’s a fact that when a room fills with guests, the body heat being generated is going to cause the room to heat up.  The last thing you want are your guests to be “glistening” during a fundraiser. This is especially important when the event is a formal one where attire is tuxedos and heavy gowns. I’ve seen a hot room full of uncomfortable guests happen time and time again. The shame of it is that this is what your guests will remember about the event. Even if you’ve pulled off the fundraising occasion of the year in your area, what will stay with your guests is that “The room was TOO HOT!!!”

Many times, when I arrive for the soundcheck at a client’s event, I will approach the venue staff about adjusting the temperatures myself. Unfortunately, at large venues, it’s too late at this point to make much difference.

Talk with your venue contact and ask that the air conditioning thermostat be lowered to a temperature that is a bit cooler than the desired temperature of the room on the morning of your event.  I promise you, the room will warm up as guests begin to arrive. And if it doesn’t, it’s always easier to turn the air conditioning down than it is to turn it up to cool a room.

The only thing you want hot at your event is your meal! And your live auction items!

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