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August 3, 2018 Why Are You Doing That?!?

Delegate tasks for your fundraising event

OK, executive directors, auction chairs, board members, nonprofits leaders…I know you are all doing it. Heck, I’M doing it!

What am I talking about? I’m talking about taking on tasks or activities that you shouldn’t be doing.

Why are we doing these particular things in the first place? Could it be that you are prone to letting your control-freak fly? Or maybe you have a little obsessive-compulsive disorder going on?

We’ve talked with clients time and time again who are getting so deep into the minutiae that they can no longer see the big picture for their fundraising events.

I encourage you to delegate. Have your staff and volunteers assigned to specific tasks that need to be accomplished and don’t have to be done by YOU. Be sure you always set deadlines and expectations for these folks and hold them accountable.

Remember, it’s not the journey but the destination that matters when planning a fundraising event. Volunteers and staff may do a task differently than you might, but if you end up with the desired result, does it really matter HOW you got there?

Consider having someone on your team who can take over the list of details, a person who can delegate to others working on the event. This will allow you to focus on the big picture – the fundraising!

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