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August 17, 2018 Gift Card Grab – A Great Way to Sell Gift Cards at Your Fundraising Auction

Today I’m bringing you a wonderful idea to help raise additional revenue at your next fundraising event – the Gift Card Grab.

As indicated in the photo, you create cards or envelopes that include the logo for each gift card donor and the amount of the gift card. Place these gift cards on a board of some sort. This particular example is with a peg board, but you can use any large board. There are numerous ways to carry this out. Instead of hooks you could use Velcro, etc.

There are a few ways you can process the Gift Card Grab purchases. One option is to hand the actual gift card to the participating guests at the point of sale. In this scenario, the gift cards are placed in small envelopes which are hanging on the board. The purchasers tell the attendant which gift card they would like, the transaction is recorded (game sales sheets are perfect for this), the guest gets their gift card and the record of the transactions are taken to check out for processing. Alternatively, you can collect payment at the point of sale.

Another option would be to use cards instead of envelopes, keeping the actual gift cards at checkout for distribution as the guests are settling their bills. The transaction is recorded via the guest’s bid number, the records are taken to checkout for processing and the purchasers pick up their gift cards at checkout after they make payment. You could also do a blend of either of these options.

You may have multiple gift cards from one merchant. If this is the case, simply hang the cards/envelopes behind one another.

You’ll notice photo shows this particular nonprofit used cards rather than envelopes in their Gift Card Grab. They’ve placed “SOLD” stickers on the purchased cards. We like this use of the sold stickers – it creates a “fear of loss” and will undoubtedly help you sell out of the gift cards quickly.

We’ve seen clients offer an online option to participate in the Gift Card Grab prior to the event. If you facilitate this method, we suggest you still place the cards/envelopes on the board with the sold stickers before the doors open.

The beauty of this revenue generating activity is that the gift cards are sold at FULL PRICE during the silent auction. If necessary, they can be reduced to 75% of value as the silent auction starts to wrap up (if your silent auction closing will take place before the program and live auction). If you don’t sell all of the cards before the event concludes, you can discount the cards to 50% of value and place the board close to checkout. Be sure to have volunteers at the board at all times.

The Gift Card Grab is a great way to get up to 100% of value for your gift cards.

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