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September 7, 2018 Wondering How to Increase Those Last Fund-A-Need Donations? Here’s An Idea

Turn In Your Bid Number to Give

Most of you have heard of a Fund-A-Need/Special Appeal/Paddle Raise. I’ve written many blogs about this fundraising event component.  I’d like to share a nugget with you, a way that you can squeeze every last donor dollar from the room.

The Fund-A-Need is a great way for your donors to simply give in support of your mission. Most all “asks” have established levels of giving which start high and work down to the last and lowest level, usually $100. When your professional fundraising auctioneer begins asking for that lowest level there are often a lot of bid numbers in the air and calling these out one by one can become a bit monotonous for the audience. My solution? Rather than announcing each bid number that’s in the air on the last level, instead allow your auctioneer to ask everyone who would like to give at that level to hold up their bid numbers. At this point you’ll have volunteers on standby ready to sweep in and collect those numbers. The process is very simple – everyone who turns in their bid number is giving at that last level!

We recently concluded a clients’ Fund-A-Need in this manner and the nonprofit saw an increase of 250% in giving at the $100 level!

For those of you who conduct your Fund-A-Need at the beginning of your program, you can still use this turn-in-your-bid-card process at the last level by issuing two different bid cards with the same number to each of the guests. Print these on different colors, for example print one bid card on white paper with black numbers and the other bid card (the Fund-A-Need card) on colored paper with black numbers.  Just don’t use dark colored paper – you want the numbers easily seen during the other levels of giving.

I am a huge fan of this method of collecting donations at the last Fund-A-Need level. I suggest you have your professional fundraising auctioneer give it a try.

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