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September 14, 2018 Should We Offer Online or Paper Tickets to Our Charity Event?

Offering Online Tickets to Your Charity Auction

As the world of technology continues to change, we’ve seen those changes include the way charities process event sales. How about ticket sales? Has the way you offer the purchase of tickets to your events changed?

Not too terribly long ago, charities printed paper tickets to all their fundraising events. Those tickets were then handed out to committee and board members to sell within their influential networks. This was a great way to get the word out and strategically invite “the right people” to the event. When I reference the right people, I’m referring to guests who have the passion and the financial wherewithal to support your charity.

I’ve had numerous discussions with nonprofit clients regarding selling printed tickets vs. offering online tickets through their event software. This continues to be an important topic to my groups.

If you are going to go “ticketless”, here are a few things I suggest you consider:

When your sales teams are out visiting within the community, be sure to give a tangible reminder out to the folks they invite to actually go online to purchase a ticket. You can simply use a 4” x 6” note/post card or a business card that includes basic information about your event – nonprofit name, event date, ticket cost, contact info and the website where tickets can be purchased. This small card should be easy to slide into a purse, wallet or pocket.

Make sure that wherever your event info it posted, be that on a card or social media site, that you always include a phone number so people who may not be tech-savvy have the ability to call to purchase their tickets.

Another way to communicate information about the availability of online ticket sales is via an email blast to your donors. I recommend you make the emails eye-catching and to the point. Don’t forget to provide a prominent link to the event website to they can get the details and purchase tickets.

Some charities sell both printed ticket and facilitate online sales. They like the ability to hand physical tickets to table and/or corporate sponsors, which can be especially helpful to those purchasers.

Regardless of the method you use to offer tickets to your nonprofit fundraising events, be sure to choose the system that works best for you and your attendees.

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