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October 5, 2018 Goal Setting for Your Fund-A-Need

Charity Auction Fund-A-Need

Many guests attend fundraising events with a plan to give at some point during the evening. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, the Fund-A-Need is a great way to give everyone that opportunity. The question is, are you doing everything you can to motivate your guests to give during the Fund-A-Need?

Let’s talk about Fund-A-Need goals. What is your nonprofits’ goal? How do you determine that goal? Do you prefer to have a low goal with the hope of exceeding it? Or is your plan to have a huge goal with the expectation that it will encourage everyone to keep giving?

When setting Fund-A-Need goals, your professional fundraising auctioneer will work with you to evaluate the history of guests’ giving, which includes the levels of ask and how many donations came in at each level. History can be a good indicator of future giving.

After I evaluate my clients’ past events, I encourage them to set two different goals. One goal is internal and this is a “stretch” goal. The other is the public goal and is not as big a number as the internal goal. The public goal should always achievable.

Opposite of what most people believe, if the goal is too high the result is a loss of motivation to give, which can spiral into a bad situation and leaves you falling short of the goal. I prefer to see my nonprofit clients exceed a lower goal, which allows their guests to feel good about their donations.

Using a thermometer or some sort of visual measurement is a good way to inspire guests to work together to achieve the Fund-A-Need goal. I find they are commonly motivated by each other’s giving during this portion of the event.

The Fund-A-Need is a wonderful and incredibly easy way to raise funds at your charity auction events. And having a goal is one of the keys to its success.

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