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October 12, 2018 How About a Scotch or Bourbon Pull at Your Charity Auction Event?

Charity Auction Whiskey or Scotch Pull

I imagine that most of you have heard of the Wine Pull or Wall of Wine revenue generator that is facilitated at charity auction events. This activity is enjoyed by guests during the silent auction/cocktail time and is set up at a station. A twist on this activity is a Scotch or Bourbon Pull. Guests play the same way with the exception that instead of a bottle of wine prize, the winners receive a bottle of whiskey.

Let’s review a few ways you can facilitate this revenue generator.

The picture above is a Wall of Bourbon but you can call this activity a variety of things. How you set it up can differ as well. What will remain the same is that you’ll need 40-50 bottles of whiskey. Get these donated. How? Ask each of your board members to bring a bottle (or two). You can also post a call-to-action on your nonprofits’ Facebook page soliciting donations. These donations can be the bottles themselves or you can request cash to underwrite the whiskey. Be specific with your request – indicate guidelines for the type bottles you need, both in size and value. I recommend bottles with a minimum retail value of at least $40 or more. You’ll also need to procure a few really nice bottles of much higher value. This is important for creating the desire to participate – that high-dollar bottle of booze will intrigue guests who hope they will win THAT bottle.

The bottles are placed so the labels can be seen easily. Have fun with the display, making it as attractive as possible. Tags with a number are placed around each bottle and secured with tape. The corresponding number is placed on a “vehicle” which will determine the bottle each participant will win. This vehicle can be a variety of things. You can place the numbers on cubes, which are then put in a bowl. To play, each participant reaches into the bowl, without looking, and selects a cube. The number on the cube is matched to the number on the bottle tag and that is the prize they win.

You can alternatively use a bingo basket and place the numbers that correspond to the whiskey bottles on the bingo balls. The participant rolls the cage until a ball with a number comes out.

The cost to play this revenue generator is $50. After each play, the bidder’s number or name is written on the tag and placed in a holding area close to the checkout area for pick up after the event. We encourage this to ensure no liquor laws are broken, which could jeopardize the venue or nonprofit’s license. Be sure to check your state liquor and gambling laws at the early planning stages of your event to avoid any surprises.

Your guests will have a great time playing this revenue generator at your next charity auction event!

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