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October 26, 2018 Make Your Charity Auction Event Volunteers Stand Out in the Crowd!

Charity Auction tips

In addition to live and silent auctions and Fund-A-Needs, many charities host raffles or games that tap into the smaller dollars in the room at their benefit auction fundraising events. This creates a fun atmosphere for your guests. How can you make it easy for your guests to find the volunteers who are facilitating the various revenue generating activities?

Some of these activities require a station which guests’ approach – Mystery Bags and Wine/Beer/Bourbon Pulls are good examples. While these types of activities require a station, other activities involve walking sales teams. These might include Golden Ticket, Best of Live and Heads or Tails, to name a few.

When you have a walking sales team, it’s important that your guests be able to easily locate these volunteers.

You want these sales people to stand out in the crowd. Attire them in boas, hats, or something that that is super-obvious (I caution you to avoid anything that might be blinking, due to the possibility of negative reactions from anyone in the crowd with Epilepsy or similar conditions).

At most events, I make periodic announcements over the audio system to promote the sale of these raffles and games. I request that the volunteers stay alert to those announcements, and when prompted, raise their hands to be seen by any guests who might be looking to participate. I’ll also ask guests to raise THEIR hand if they want the volunteers to come to them. Volunteers need to stay tuned in to these announcements so they can engage with the guests when needed.

If you have multiple sales teams, caution them against standing around and chatting among themselves. I see this happen often. Remind them that they won’t make any sales that way! A good way to prevent this is to create a competition among the volunteers, incentivizing the team that sells the most with a prize.

Raffles and revenue generating activities have an important role in fundraising at charity events. Make sure you are doing everything that you can to ensure their success.

Make every minute a revenue generating minute!


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