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November 23, 2018 Part Three of a Three-Part Blog Series – “Stop, Start, Keep”

This is the third and final blog of a three-part series titled “Stop, Start, Keep”. This method of analyzing a charity auction event came to me by way of a fellow fundraising auctioneer, Darron Meares. Darron is founder of Bowtie Benefit Auctions.

Today we’ll focus on determining the things you should “keep” at your charity auction event.

In the first blog pertaining to things to “stop”, I suggested you conduct surveys of your event guests and, along with input from your committee, determine what you need to stop doing at/for your event.

In the second blog, “start”, you identified what you want to begin doing.

The “keep” portion of this exercise is the easiest of the three. Pull out that flip chart for a final time and record the committee members’ ideas regarding things/processes they believe you should keep as it relates to your fundraising event. Encourage the thoughts to flow until everything is listed.

Be sure the initial reason for having the event in the first place stays top of mind. If this is a fundraising event, make sure everything you are planning will promote the mission of your organization AND create ways for your guests to support your nonprofit with their giving.

What do you keep? The things that worked well in the past and are unique to your event are a great place to begin. Maybe your plated dinner service is working beautifully at keeping guests in their seats during the fundraising portion of the event – you’ll definitely want to leave that as it is. Or it might be that the guests love a particular revenue generating activity or raffle and are showing their love by participating and helping raise money. You’ll definitely want to keep that! Most of the “keepers” will be pretty obvious, in fact.

I encourage you to conduct the “Stop, Start, Keep” exercise every year after your charity auction event. It’s a valuable way to keep the success of your fundraiser moving in an upward direction.

Make every minute a revenue generating minute!

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