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June 11, 2015 Cherokee Bend Chief PTO

Having been a novice to the auction process, Christie King and Jean Kirchner were an enormous resource for me during the planning and implementation phases of our PTO auction.  They both were able to answer many questions about how to set up the venue, organize our solicitation process and establish guidelines for our donors and bidders.  As plans moved forward, they were instrumental in helping us set deadlines for our catalog production and ticket sales so that our event was communicated to our parents timely.  Their guidance prevented us from missing opportunities to generate revenue and inform the parents of why we were raising money in the first place.  Their professionalism in the planning stage and during the event with our parents and school administration was top notch.

I cannot imagine that our event would have been nearly the success it was without the direct involvement of both Christie and Jean.  I truly enjoyed my interaction with them and our team.  They made the process a smooth one and I look forward to being able to work with them both in the future.


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