Hands-On Hoperaising from charity auctioneers at C King Benefit Auctions

Hands-On Hoperaising

C King Benefit Auctions offers the Florida Panhandle area our charity auctioneers
who openly share their knowledge to ensure your fundraising event is a true financial success!

We help people help people.

Our expert fundraising event planners in the Florida Panhandle area will exceed your expectations and help you achieve your revenue goal at your next fundraising event. Our staff will lend you a hand in the planning process so your fundraising event is entertaining and a financial success.

With a fundraiser event and live auction, you can generate funds for your nonprofit or charity organization. C King Benefits’ job is to help you plan an event, while making sure you hit your financial goals so you can continue to provide your community with the services you offer. Our charity auction specialists in the Florida Panhandle area understand what it means when your fundraising dream becomes a reality.

Our charity auction agency caters to each service you require; helping you plan for live or silent auctions, on site assistance during the event and helping you plan the Mission Moment of your fundraising event or charity gala. Our services are offered in and around the Florida Panhandle area.

Our team is dedicated to planning the details for fundraising events, galas, live auctions, and benefits. Individual services are offered throughout the Florida Panhandle area.


Unsure of where to start when organizing your event for charity? With our experience we can help you navigate every aspect of your fundraiser to ensure a successful event.

Auction Day  

Our charity auctioneers and specialists are known for their results when it comes to organizing charity events, and with our help we can assist you in generating worthwhile proceeds for amazing causes.

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