What Is Your "Free" Auctioneer Costing Your Charity?

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Considering the huge amount of energy you are spending to plan and facilitate your event, is taking a chance on a “free” auctioneer worth the risk that your charity auction event doesn’t meet (or exceed) it’s fundraising potential?

C King Benefits professional fundraising auctioneers are the ONLY expense that generates revenue for your charity auction event.

A professional fundraising auctioneer does several things for a nonprofit that a free auctioneer doesn’t do.

C King Benefit Auctions ensures the flow of your event is designed to maximize fundraising. We will  help you plan and facilitate an Fund-A-Need, which taps into every dollar available in the room. We can incorporate revenue generating games your guests will enjoy, another source of event income. Auction day, our auctioneers will conduct a high-energy event where guests are reminded why they are there – to support your cause. After your event we will participate in a post-event wrap-up to help evaluate the fundraising activities and suggest improvements for next year’s event.

This type of consulting and support can be invaluable and priceless. C King Benefit Auctions will increase your charity auction event’s revenue over and above your investment.

Do professional fundraising auctioneers cost money? Yes. Can there be a huge return on the investment? Absolutely!

Are you ready to take your benefit charity auction event to the next level?

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