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Planning a fundraising benefit or charity silent auction can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to get barely into organizing before you feel like you’re juggling more than an octopus could handle. Sound familiar? Maybe not the octopus part, but the rest?

Fortunately, there’s someone out there that can take the stress of planning a fundraising auction off your shoulders, and you’ve found them. C King Benefits is more than a fundraising auctioneer or an charity benefit event planner, but also a resource. We combine the best of both live and silent auctions and fundraising event planning to create high end events and an environment that leaves your guests excited to support your cause every year.

Hoperaising Toolkit

When you partner with the fundraising consultants at C King Benefits, we’ll begin with our Hoperaising Toolkit. Unique to CKBA, this is where we’ll empower you to plan a fundraising event like never before. We’ll guide you though every step and provide you with all the materials you’ll need to not only throw a successful fundraising silent auction or other charity benefit, but to establish it as the place to be year after year.

We don’t want to give too much away just yet, but with our Hoperaising Toolkit, you’ll receive materials to help conduct your silent auction, set you up for a special appeal, learn how to efficiently and electronically accept payment from bidders and accept bids with your guests’ mobile devices. We’ll give you suggestions for your fundraiser event timeline and help you plan an evening that keeps the energy (and money!) flowing. You’ll also learn about our exclusive Lucky 7 tool to generate higher bids in your silent auction, along with special training to assure your evening runs flawlessly.

Fundraising Auction Night

With the knowledge of how to create your charity benefits’ guest list, train your volunteers and connect with the most generous donors. C King Benefits provides award-winning fundraising auctioneers and assistants to entertain your guests for the entire charity benefit. This is where we could say something like we put the FUN in fundraising, but we’ll refrain, because that might be cheesy. Instead, we’ll just promise to charm and entertain your guests, using our strategic skill to set the mood for the most generous donations.

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