Hands-On Hoperaising from charity auctioneers at C King Benefit Auctions

Hands-On Hoperaising

At C King Benefit Auctions, our charity auctioneers empower non-profits
by giving hope and support to your deserving cause with engaging fundraising events

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We help people help people.

C King Benefit Charity Auctions has the tools, experience, and solutions to help your organization produce a fun and exciting fundraising event, all while helping you reach or exceed your revenue goals.

There are over 1.5 million nonprofits in the United States. That’s 1.5 million charity and fundraising companies serving multitudes of voices that need to be heard, hearts that need healing, families that need shelter and strays that need families.

Each charity contributes to worthy causes, and wondering where the resources will come from shouldn’t demand the spot as your top priority. Your passion can be spent supporting each heart, each tiny hand, each paw, while relying on our charity auctioneers and organizers to support you by running and planning fundraiser events. As certified Benefit Auction Specialists, we can turn your financial dreams into tomorrow’s stepping stones though charity auctions and fundraising events, empowering you through Hoperaising.

C King Benefit Auctions is proud to provide charity auctioneer and fundraising event planners to nonprofits in Atlanta, Birmingham, the Florida Panhandle, Huntsville, Mobile, Nashville and Chattanooga, and throughout the U.S.

We're a full-service charity auction agency that takes you from the first step through the final gavel of fundraising events, galas and benefits. We also offer these individual services.

C King Benefits Consulting


Content with your charity auctioneer but don't know where to begin with your planning? We're happy to come on and share our expertise, teaching you how to plan your own event every year.

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C King Benefit Auction Day

Auction Day

Free charity auctioneers cost more than you might think. Hiring a Benefit Auction Specialist to conduct the auction is an investment in your fundraiser to bring the most revenue.

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